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  • USD$ 22.09

    Our stylish and high quality metal snuffer is the perfect accessory for any candle lover as it extinguishes your candle safely and minimizes sooting. Pairs amazingly with our Perfect Wick Trimmer. Color: Matte Black

  • USD$ 17.67

    The perfect tool to make your job easier for proper maintenance of your candle wick. This heavy duty trimmer clips wicks perfectly to ensure a clean, even flame for a longer lasting candle and maximum fragrance. With its length and angled head makes clipping easy and  remove clipped wick safely. Pairs…

  • USD$ 4.41

    Wooden Reed Diffuser Flower with Cotton Wick, adds the perfect touch of style to your diffuser vessel. Rose Carnation Daisy Flower Size: 1.7” Wick length: 5” Made in Trinidad & Tobago