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JFabTheBrand.com is an online lifestyle destination where our She-EO Sabrina Seurio, designs, crafts and curates the best in fashion, beauty, home décor, and so much more. This is the hub for all of Sabrina's bright ideas where you can find out about upcoming product launches and get a first look at Sabrina's latest collections. Read, shop, get inspired, and subscribe to our VIP List for special discounts.

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More About Sabrina – Our She-EO

Sabrina is a designer, mom and wife who was born and raised in the sweet Caribbean twin isles of Trinidad and Tobago . She has a love for all things comfort, class and luxury.

Sabrina's vibrant and vivacious spirit is reflected in all her designs here at JFab The Brand.

To most people she is known as a socialite and can be found celebrating and enjoying herself at the most popular functions and parties on a weekend.

Sabrina is also a savvy business woman and She-EO who loves crafting and creating lifestyle products, Carnival Monday wear and resort wear for her clients.

Sabrina is currently spending time with her daughter Lexi in Mississauga, Canada.